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Wilson Jenkins

My favorite thing about them is that they did the work to my satisfaction rather than trying...

Recent Review
James C. Heffron

Thank you for testing my house for mold. My house was found to be infested with mold based on their results.

Recent Review
Angie Mcfarland

They tested my house for mold because I could smell some foul smells. They did an excellent...

Recent Review
Dale Davis

Thanks! This company did a great job removing the mold for me and I'm really glad that I contacted them.

Recent Review
Albert K. Felt

Water Mold Fire is the best company because they are quick in response to emergency situations...

Recent Review
Michael Hall

My experience with the staff from Water Damage Restoration was excellent. Their prices were reasonable...

Recent Review
Brent Hopper

The moving team was pretty good. All of their shifts were completed on time. What I found most...

Recent Review
George Vanwinkle

My experience with the company was excellent. Their scheduling and moving of stuff were excellent.

Recent Review
Jose Solorio

This company helped me with my move. They are a great team with an amazing price. I highly recommend them.

Recent Review
Joshua T. Figueroa

His promptness is greatly appreciated. Provide excellent solutions for all issues relating to taxes...

Recent Review
Pamela E. Stevens

They put a lot of effort into their work. They handle all aspects of taxation and financial planning...

Recent Review
Janel C. Shaw

It was a pleasure to work with them. They work carefully to ensure that the work is completed correctly...

Recent Review
Dwayne Williams

Amazing results! I’m so happy! They addressed my questions with ease & were extremely knowledgeable...

Recent Review
Claire Bower

The service was excellent. Instructions were super easy, and the best thing was that I got...

Recent Review
Rozella Hook

The prices are reasonable. The results are excellent. Customer service is excellent. Thank you again!

Recent Review
Ben Buchman

The manager was very knowledgeable and helpful and took the time to help me select the artificial...

Recent Review
Angel Brock

Super happy that I bought artificial hedges from this shop. fantastic collection and their prices...

Recent Review
Haven Antwan

I bought two artificial trees to give life to my living room and dining room. It does give the sparks...

Recent Review
Haddad Nauman

Best shop to buy Artificial Hedges...Beautiful Collection!!!!

Recent Review
Campbell Gamble

The artificial flowers are exactly same as its original. I will definitely buy some more.

Recent Review
Kristopher Chaney

We have recently ordered artificial grass from this store. Quality is just awesome.Plants are also very realistic.

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